welcome to themovement Flipping organisations is all about maximising profit by equipping and putting the power into the hands of those closest to the customer because: Great Business Results 8 Customer Experience x Employee Experience
The Movement was born because a team of eclectic individuals passionately believe there is a different way of thinking about and approaching customer and employee experience. You see, we happen to believe they are 2 sides of the same coin! And that both need to happen by design, not by accident! We are a great bunch of experienced practitioners making a stand for an entirely different approach. An approach that flips organization norms and beliefs on their heads and puts the power into the hands of those closest to the customer. We have the privileged position of working in lots of organisations and witnessed first hand the missed opportunities that exist in engaging your people.... Its easy as an outsider to see the ‘wood’ and the ‘trees.’ This at time can get missed by the accountable people who are up to their middle in the swamp. It’s easy in the modern way of working to get blinded to the things that really matter and make a difference. We start by getting very clear as a business where do you make your money and work out from there. This will be at the direct point where the customer parts with their cash. Then we look at the people closest to that interaction. If you’re the type of person who likes a challenge and is tired of doing the same thing time and again and getting the same results, then get in touch. We love to share a coffee with likeminded people who want to revolutionise customer and employee experience and deliver business results beyond their wildest dreams!
CX and EX Opposite sides of the same coin
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